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Dragon Boats

Dragon boat races conducted according to the rules of IDBF Championship Crews. Championships and Cup Competitions, may be held for Representative Team Crews; Club, Corporate & Community, University & College Crews and Adaptive Paddlers or Para Dragon Crews. RACING AND COMPETITION CLASSES and CHAMPIONSHIP DIVISIONS.

Racing Classes.

1.1 Open Class – the primary class of racing.

1.2 Women’s Class – In the Women’s Racing Class crews must be all female

1.3 Mixed Class – crews must contain a minimum of eight (8) and a maximum of ten (10) of each gender. There are no restrictions on age.

1.4 Senior Class – Races can be held for Mixed or Single gender crews or in Open Competition. The Senior Racing Classes are: Senior A. Competitors over the age of 39 (40+). Senior B. (Grand Dragons) Competitors over the age

of 49 (50+). Senior C. (Great Grand Dragons) over the age of 59 (60+).

1.5 Additional Age Group Categories, for the Junior and Senior Classes,( for example Senior D, over 70 years old) may be added to and introduced at Championship Regattas, when the Council so decides.


2.1 Crew Numbers.

  1. for the Standard Racing Boat (DB22) in competition, a minimum of eighteen (18) and a maximum of twenty (20) Paddlers; one (1) Steerer and one (1) Drummer
  2. for the Small Racing Boat (DB12) a crew shall consist of ten (10) paddlers, plus a Drummer and a Steerer (Helm).


3.1 Distances. 200m, 250m, 500m, 1000m and nominally 2000 meters.

3.2. An alternative distance between 200m and 500m may be permitted, at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

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